View Full Version : Freerunning issue

11-26-2015, 02:59 PM
Maybe it's me or doing something wrong but I've never had the issue with the previous Assassins Creed before. The thing is when i want to climb on a wall and my key bindings are set as default it says when I press shift gives me the option for E to freerun down and spacebar to freerun up, all that my character does is standing to that wall and pressing space bar doenst do anything........ this is VERY anoying when you try to run away from foe's. When I keep spamming these buttons (shift and spacebar) my character eventually will climb the wall but that might take some time.

If anyone has the same issue or maybe it's me doing something wrong and could enlight me I would be very happy cause as of now I'm not enjoying this game at all! It frustrates me when i want to climb on a wall or building and my character just stops and holds the wall and need to spam bashing my keys to even get it to climb.

Thanks in advance!