View Full Version : Terrorist hunt single player mode

11-26-2015, 01:16 PM
Hi ,

I've been playing this game from the alpha through the second closed beta and it the first time that i hate the AI..... I will explain my thought.

1- first of all why they have now on the second close beta termite and wall explosive....
2 When i die... the replay always show the AI killing me whit no accuracy. They are shooting at me but not on me....
3- Why only defuse bomb mode?

But the step of the AI from Hard ( last closed beta ) to Almost imposible is a lot.

I'm always talking for a lonely person not a group or something else.

The game so far is great but try to check if the AI is hacking because that not legit to kill someone whitout touching it.

Thank you and i'll try to update whit some video capture this night.