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11-26-2015, 12:43 PM
In-game option to completely remove the FOV change (the zoom effect) from all guns that occurs when ADS (Aiming down sights). Only exceptions: Weapons with a scope that have a magnification effect.
By this the “hip-fire” sensitivity is the same as the ADS sensitivity because the FOV does not get changed when going into ADS.

So whenever this option is activated all pistols, smgs, rifles, shotguns, no matter which red dot or attachment and the stationary LMG from Tachanka stays at the same FOV when ADS. What follows from this: “Hip-fire” sensitivity is the same as the ironsights or attachements sensitivty. Same FOV = Same Sensitivity = Consistency in aiming for all guns without a scope. As stated exceptions are of course the different scoped weapons as the FOV is determined by the magnification strength of the scope itself (e.g. GLAZ, TWITCH, IQ). This brings us to the next fix:

Sensitivity options for scoped weapons. This would represent the “zoom sensitivity” option you know from games like CS:GO, Team Fortress etc. This option is for sniper class players so they can modify the sensitivity for the specific scopes they are using. This means sensitivity sliders for the different scopes in the game. By this sniper class players can modifiy the weapon handling for every scope to their specific needs.

Additionally to the option to completely disable FOV changes when ADS, introduce the same option as in Battlefield (Option millions of players are used to). This option is called: “Field of View scaling in ADS”. By this players can set the zoom level for all guns when ADS to their preference. This then also leads to consistency across the board for all weapons without a scope and players can find a value that they are used to from other games. This is for all players that prefer a FOV change / zoom effect whenever using ADS. This might also help to get more people into your game as it makes the transition easier and more comfortable. They find options they are used to from other games and do not miss options they are used to.

For people who do not know about the concepts of FOV and sensitivity and how they are related here is a video which explains it

Please note that I do not know the person who made the video and I don't agree completely with the fixes / solutions he is offering but it will explain nicely some of the core concepts talked about in this thrad. Also some fixes have already been implemented into Siege as the video is from september



11-30-2015, 01:37 AM
Ineed and of course soldiers modify their equipment to their needs and the task at hand, Rainbow Six Siege can pass this over to the gamers in a way that fits into the virtual world by giving them in-depth control settings and settings almost every FPS gamer knows and wants as soon as they start playing the game seriously


12-07-2015, 10:43 PM

Especially for the "No zoom" / No FOV change when ADS