View Full Version : Participated in Closed beta, play button redirects to steam store page....

11-26-2015, 03:55 AM
So here is the story. I played in the closed beta, worked fine, worked great.

I log in today to update and join some friends, I launch through UBI PC launcher, it opened my steam browser and brings me to the store page for Siege.
I try to launch through steam, it opens UBI PC launcher, which I then press the play button once more on, it brings me to the store page for siege.

I then apparently made things worse by attempting to wipe everything and update a fresh version.
So I went to steam library and deleted the local content, this wiped everything from both ubi launcher and steam.

Now when I attempt to install from steam library, it just asks for an activation code, I input my activation code from the previous beta "Invalid product code"
If I try to bypass steam completely and install from ubi launcher, it just launches the steam library and asks for the same code.
I also attempted to enter the activation code once more in ubi launcher but it just told me I already had the code credited to my account, which is useless.

So basically I am stuck in this endless loop bouncing back and forth between the two, steam is just completely stonewalling me at this point. I should have access to the new "closed" but soon to be open BETA at this point, because I played in the previous closed beta.

IF anybody has a clue as to how to beat this ********, let me know asap plz.