View Full Version : List-o-glitches/bugs I have seen (11/25/15)

11-26-2015, 01:28 AM
Here's a bunch of glitches or bugs that I have noticed since playing yesterday.

1. After placing a breaching charge on a window, the opposing team may shoot and destroy the breaching charge, but the breaching charge tooltip does not update to reflect this status.

How to replicate: Place a breaching charge on a window and have a player on the opposing team shoot it out. The breaching charge tool-tip on the HUD will still display that the breaching charge is still on the window and prompt you to detonate it instead of updating it's status. Afterwards you will have to press the detonate switch before you can place another breaching charge.

2. Clipping. This can occur for both players or terrorist, which I have observed both. There are a ton of areas where it occurs. To avoid player abuses I will only say one for now that will probably rarely be abusable.

How to replicate (one clipping event): On house map, at the upper hallway path that leads into the workshop that the kid's bedroom doorway directly looks across, if a player is standing at that entry way into the workshop and looks into the workshop. Along the house's main wall on the right should be some boxes, if a deployable shield is placed in front of that box leaving a small gap between the box and the deployable shield then the player cannot see enemies that is crouched down behind the deployable shield.

3. Death CAM of the killer and replay of last kill does not represent what happened. (i.e. The killer who rappels into the room and killing an attacker at the end of the stage may seem to have flown into the ceiling while rappelling into the room.)

How to Replicate: Observe the replay of the last kill while being in the room where the last kill occurred. Or be the killer of the last kill and see how the replay of last kill saw something else all together. All of these must be done as normal gameplay. (i.e. running down the hallway, turn the corner, and gun down a opponent.)

4. When forming a squad with other players, your voice record mode will be set to open mic.

How to replicate: Form a squad with another player and you will notice your mic is now constantly on.

This can be quick fixed by players by pressing the push to talk key a few times or going to options and disabling the mic, apply settings, and re-enabling it at push to talk.

11-26-2015, 07:39 PM
I believe #1 is intended and not a glitch.