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11-26-2015, 12:03 AM
So here is something I want to talk about. I wanted to post this as two separate threads, but they seem they might intertwine according to a thought of mine. We lead to the most bigger attention topic:

1# Psychic Powers:

So I'm going to review the comic's story soon enough, but what got my attention is that at the end of Assassin's Creed #2, apparently one of the supporting characters there has psychic powers. The character's name is Dorothy Osborne, and she had a vision, she would faint and her eyes would become white. She experienced such a vision, repeating a quote from Dante's Divine Comedy and the last words Tom Stoddard's father had said to him. This of course shocked Tom, the main character of the Salem Witch Trials memories and ancestor of the modern day character, Charlotte de la Cruz, as the man had passed away a long time ago. This reminded me that this is not entirely new actually, as in the PSP videogame Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines, Altair had encountered another psychic person, known as The Dark Oracle, as this one had been able to see into the future. Unfortunately she was a feral woman and Altair had to kill her out of self defense, and thus we couldn't get more from her. This went almost completely over my head, as I couldn't believe that we have psychic powers now in the comics/lore, but this was already established a long time ago via Bloodlines, which leads me to the second part of the thread:

2# Kenway Family:

So after the disrespect I have gotten by not mentioning Connor in a Kenway Family talk during the Kenway Mansion sequence, it was still cool to find out that Edward was doing research on Precursor stuff. I was reminded that Aveline encountered Patience Gibbs with a Precursor charm that allowed her to see in the near future. Perhaps it was the charm or even actually Patience herself that can see into the future, and her abilities have not yet fully matured? Perhaps the only reason why she can see into the near future with the charm is simply because she lead herself to believe such a thing. That perhaps its not the charm, but her, and she was just projecting into it, as it reminded her of her mother? There was one psychic that already appeared in America before, hence Dorothy, perhaps it resurfaced once again as Patience this time? Does Connor explore more of this development? Is there even any hints to that he did or even follow in his grandfather's footsteps, as I have not gotten deep into the game yet as I had just bought it a few days ago.

First Sages, now Psychics, what do you guys think of this development? Do you think they might go with this in the near future with Connor or any other characters?

11-26-2015, 01:32 AM
No, they will not