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11-25-2015, 11:26 PM

Firstly, I just wanted to thank ubisoft for hosting an open beta of Rainbow Six Siege and allowing the majority of players that did not get to try the close beta to play. It is exciting to be finally be able to play the game and trying out some of the games unique features. In overall, I did enjoy my fist 24-hour experience of the game (when I was able to connect to stable matches), however I did find out there are some urgent and not so urgent matter that could be improved or adjusted.

Without any further delays, I shall begin:

Mute Function:

A more simplified mute function would be highly appreciated. It took me some time to realize how the mute function works. Currently in order to mute a player in game, one must first hold the tab key, select the player name with the arrow keys, press enter, and finally select the mute option. I found this quite time consuming and complicated at first as there was no clear indication anywhere on how to do it. I believe that an alternative method just like in most shooters it would be to just to hold or press the tab button, (enabling automatically the mouse corsair like in the option menu) and select the player one wishes to mute.

MG vs Shield:

In overall, the idea of having a deployable mg torrent and allowing any teammates to mount is great. However, I found an issue that whenever I use it against a crouched shield enemy agent, his able to withstand a great amount of shots without taking any severe damage. In fact, in one scenario the enemy was able to withstand 4 seconds of direct fire while entering my room and then just left peacefully from the door entrance. Keep in mind that this was even a close quarter firefight situation, so I can guarantee you that I was hitting directly at his legs, arms and shield. I found this quite ridicules. A possible solution would be to either to make the enemy enter a confusion/suppression state were damage is greatly took over time or increase the enemy hitbox around the arms and legs.

Ballistic shield:

I myself enjoy a lot playing as an attack agent with a ballistic shield and provide cover for my teammates. However I found that in often cases were the attacks has two or more agents with ballistic shields equip, they tend to have a more upper hand when marching in towards enemies and therefore have a higher win ration. A possible solution to render the game more enjoyable and balanced especially for the defenders would be to either limit the shield agents to two or perhaps introduce a new counter measure for them. Such as modifying one of the existing defender agent to be able to equip a ballistic shield or make the shield take damage over time causing the player to receive more damage as the shield deteriorates.

Connection Issue:

There appears to be some sort of connection issue when launching a game from a lobby when both sides are ready. In my case, the message “Searching for server” always remained active, and both teams waited an entire 5 minutes for something to occur but nothing. The only solution was to leave the lobby and search for another server. This has already happened in multi occasions today.

Chat boxes size:

I do realize that communication is extremely vital for this tactical team based video game, however I found it quite annoying the amount of words one can fit within the chat box. The chat box is quite restricted in size and wording. In most occasions in public matches whenever my team tries to setup a plan, it becomes quite chaotic when everyone (including the enemy) is trying to say something at once. I do realize that using voip is also optional however; in most occasion in public matches, people tend to use more the chat box.

That is all and I would like to highly thank any developer that is dedicated his/hers time on reading the feedback provided in this section of the forum. :cool: