View Full Version : 3 common bugs I have experienced

11-25-2015, 09:11 PM
1. Microphone activates even though you are not holding the push to talk button. While this bug is happening, it does not show you that you are talking, only your friends/teammates can tell you that it is activating. Pressing the push to talk button fixes this bug. Alt-Tabbing causes this bug to happen every time.

2. When quitting a queue for a game (possibly during the searching for opponents phase?), you are unable to requeue without relaunching the game. Every time you try to queue it brings you back to the main menu.

3. Sometimes during a game, you will lose the ability to hear all sound other than a bugged out infinite gun sound and the ticking of the bomb. I don't know how this one happens but it has happened to me only once when someone killed a drone