View Full Version : List of issues needing to be addressed to sustain the longgivity of this game.

11-25-2015, 08:47 PM
•You need to be able to pick up enemy weapons on terrorist hunt bomb defuse as that's realistic I don't care if it takes away from difficulty limit the ammunition in the guns picked up so you still rely on making it to an ammo crate

•IQ shoe soles can't be pink not very tactical I thought everyone made that clear as day during the alpha, and closed beta
Or at the very least give each operator multiple outfits

•Weapon skins should be applied to attachments as well

•Weapon skins are a joke and need to be taken seriously, just do real life camos, there's thousands of styles yet the only weapon skins you guys used are horrible and appeal to the wrong crowd of gamers

•1911 m45 muesoc holds 8 in mag plus one in the chamber for a total of 9, very frustrating for us who actually carry a 1911 on a daily basis, the only 1911 mag that holds 7 is sold old World War II mag that would never be carried by an operator for self defense

•Multiple types of attachments for the same gun ie. Foregrips, flashlights , laser light combos, silencers, that vertical foregrip is hated by roughly 50 percent of U.S. Service that's not counting civilians not enlisted. Go ahead and include several Angled foregrips as several manufactures make great ones, hand guards , grip pods with a functional legs, chainsaw handles for shotguns ect. More attachments!!!

•Defenders should be able to play terrorist hunt too

•Animation for melee with knife, preferably a lethal stab

•The ability to create our own operators at a certain level with their own bios, abilities, outfits and weapons

•Shotguns should get ammunition types ie. Slugs, flachettes, breaching loads, magnum buck, and magnum slug, dragons breath, ap slug, bolo rounds

•Not only include a recoil pattern for shotguns but Include a spread pattern

•Rappelling down from roofs should easier resulting it less accidental suicides

•The blood color looks off to bright resulting in a very unrealistic blood splatter

•Kids playhouse along with a number of large items in rooms are indestructible allowing for substantial cover from explosives and gunfire making it possible for a bomber to blow up directly in front of you and you still survive

I'll add to this now that I found a place to keep track of the notes I add I know I'm missing a lot that I had previously written down from the closed beta