View Full Version : My feed back from the first 24 hours..

11-25-2015, 06:55 PM
I have spent about 6 hours(maybe more) yesterday trying to play the game and it was working for a bit at first. I did have some trouble trying to get into games however all I had to do was back out and try again......At approximately 10:00pm EST last night I was trying to get back on was given error codes every time I tried to join a server. Today while trying to play I was only able to get into 2 maybe 3 multiplayer games only one of which I was able to play. I am very hopeful that the matchmaking will be fixed come launch because right now it is terrible. I understand this is just the beta however this was happening in the closed beta also. If you want accurate feed back you should get matchmaking functional before the beta is over.....I'm not going to sit here for another 1-2 hours trying to play one game.