View Full Version : WTF is that new gamemode for PvE?

11-25-2015, 12:21 PM
ok, unlimited ISIS rushing at you after you've planned the bomb.... that's nonsense, at least make it spawn 5 at a time, or make it looks like they arrive from vehicles for reinforcements or counter attack. spawning them all at the same time is a very idea (especially the allah akbar idc wtf is happening rush)

and it's so boring to have only one gamemode. having a little bit of background (hostage rescue, bank robbing, terrorists attack) seneriao for a PvE mode will make things more fun

also, shotgun needs a big buff at PvE mode, I understand it won't be fun on PvP when shotgun one-shotting you at the end of the hallway, but gosh, playing PvE, can't even kill a guy at 8m with 1-2 hit aiming centre mass. OHK under 7m and 2HK under 12m is far better

last, giving us a killhouse and a no-AI mode would be fantastic, it's a team-work required near-sim game, just like a real SWAT member, you need to practice in killshouse before you go in a operation

*where is the DOOR in game, it's the most important thing in CQB, door! door kicking! not a board with 3 knife hit health, it's all about the suprise, even without a explosive, with stealth in it, not letting enemy know where you are while you keeping banging (don't get me wrong :P) the boarded door