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11-25-2015, 09:26 AM
I love the idea of having a turret, and you can't place it just anywhere either. There has to be enough room, so.... When I finally get a spot and hunker down on say certain doorway about 10-15m away? WHY is the spread of the turret HORRENDOUS to say the least and weak af? My main complaint at the moment though is wtf is the point of a .50 cal turret to cover a spot if a shield guy can sit there take .50 cal BULLETS all day while eating hot dogs over a campfire while setting up a tent and smoking a cigar listening to Nycan Cat?

Tell me, can a shield take that many hits from RL .50 cal and be OKAY? nvm not budge?? nah. If you think that you should go test it at a firing range and see what happens from the impact(s).

PLZ Buff that's all I ask.

Sound glitch on team spectator death, if you're spectating a (wounded) teammate after you died, and he/she gets revived while specced still, your sound sticks to the (i'm wounded on the floor poopy ears sound) But others will be fine, unless that happens to everybody one by one, then everyone is deaf apparently while alive...... THE ONLY way to fix this is to go view a camera then go back, done fixed sounds fine. GG.

Do the Terrors keep respawning unlimited? I killed 53.

BOMBERS! You really buffed them, sometimes they seem to take 3 -5 clips, sometimes 3 head shots do it..... dufaq?

Matchmaking Regions do not match properly, end of story look at the damn ping for proof.

I'm sure there's more but i'm good.

If nothing else


11-25-2015, 12:43 PM
The turret weapon is only small caliber but not sure about inaccuracy