View Full Version : Dreadful game! The last beta was better.

11-25-2015, 07:02 AM
Oh Ubisoft what have you done?

I played this game at the last beta and was thinking of buying the game but after this beta , I really don't know.

Ubisoft have hinged all hopes on a purely multiplayer experience which would be good except that the servers are up and down like a bloody yoyo (terrorist hunt is terrible for this) . Since starting the new beta I have not played ONE game of mulitiplayer as the wait is too long. That needs to be looked at , and you would think after the same issues being reported at the last beta ubisoft would have actually done something about it, but no. The terrorist hunt is more difficult and the ludicrous way the terrorist swamp on mass as soon as you plant the defuser is laughable. Ubisoft how can you clear a building, plant a defuser and be zombie swamped by 30 guys appearing from thin air?!

Hit are another big issue. Shots which are on target don't seem to register yet one long bullet can kill a player instantly. WTF?!

A purely multiplayer game should, you would think, mean that the servers can handle the capacity. They can't. Being a purely multiplayer game you would think the matchmaking works, it doesn't. So the game's basic principles don't work.

How can ubisoft imagine anyone will buy this game when the last beta was a better game? It worked better (ok the multiplayer was still rubbish then) , hits worked, the game ran (ok stumbled rather than ran). How can you have made it fundamentally worse a week before the main game release?!

I will wait to see what the reports are like after launch before I think of paying for this game.

11-25-2015, 10:53 AM