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11-25-2015, 03:26 AM
Was thinking of buying the game, but the last beta lend me towards no.

Let us choose what map and mode we want to play. I liked Terro hunt where you have to kill the terrorist in the area. In solo, it was possible to do it.
In the disarm mode, when you plant the bomb disarmer, 10 enemies rush to you, making it nearly impossible. More enemies should NOT spawn when you plant it. In the game i managed to plant the second one, i had more than 45 kills, IN A SMALL HOUSE. Where they where all hiding? They just spawn outside and rushed it. More enemies should not spawn.

Operators are a good idea on paper. In game it is bad. Don't force me to anything. I really like the G36C. Unfortunately, i don't want to use a recruit or have to use ASH when i want to use it.

Really disappointed in the direction the game went.

They took the time to make a story behind the enemies, operators, and everything else but did not make a story mode?

With all the destruction the game offer, a single player experience would have be great, now it has been reduce to the laziest way to add a single player. Remember when all the rainbow six game had a story mode? This time is over. Seem that developers only want to make a $80 multiplayer game and add a single player mode the laziest way possible.

-Good visual
-Great destruction

-Weapons need more variety
-Weapons need more customization options
-The link between operators and weapons NEED to be remove
-Need to be able to choose the map you want to play on.
-Spawn rate of new enemies should be reduce A LOT

As it is right now, a big disappointment for a long fan of the series.

During the last beta, EVERYTHING is unlock, was what i read online, yet the game only has 3 map that i played on. and 1 i did not have seen. The devs stated they have 11 maps in the game. Also only 1 terro hunt mode seem to be available..

Also what wrong with the AI? Their gun is always aim on your head, making their move weird and impossible. AI look like they have an aimbot.

The enemy with the explosive has too much health. 30 bullet in the head and still alive? Is his head is made of bulletproof material?