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11-25-2015, 12:57 AM
Are you interested in joining in a tight knit community of like minded tactical gamers? Players who like to joke and have fun, but when it comes time, they buckle down and shoot for the win? I'm in the process of gathering mature players who like to work together and use squad tactics for games like Rainbow 6: Siege. In the beginning, the group will be exclusive to the Xbox One and also to Rainbow Six, but as our community grows more games may be added based on similar tac-style gameplay and desire from members.

Must be over the age of 18 (exceptions may be voted on by members)
Must have mic
Must be active (3+ days in game a week)
Also, initially I will be limiting recruitment to North America due to time zone complications. Central/ South Americans may apply if your English is understandable through comms.

The beginning stages of the unit will be rough; a website and forum must be designed, a final unit name must be voted on, decisions must be made, players must be recruited, ranks must be established, and training must be planned. I need a select few to assist me with the administration of these things.

A little background into myself: I'm 23 years old with a background in security and automotive mechanics. I've been playing FPS games since my early teens starting with Medal of Honor Allied Assault and the original Call of Duty on the PC, and have been involved with a number of tight knit tactical groups since the early days of America's Army. I've always been a PC gamer, but recently have migrated over to the Xbox One mostly for simplicity's sake. I still jump on PC every once in a while, but 95% of my time gaming is now on console.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys. I will be active during the open beta and have R6S on pre order.
Feel free to contact me through PM or by adding me on Xbox Live along with a message.
XBL GT: crbarden92
temporary website - tf15.enjin.com (http://tf15.enjin.com)

11-25-2015, 03:00 PM
Again, I'm looking to fill administration roles for anyone interested in helping to start a small tactical unit for US based players beginning on the Xbox One platform. If this interests you, feel free to drop me a private message or add me to your Xbox Live froends list and send me a message. I will be active all weekend during the open beta and will be on the night of release. www.tf15.enjin.com

11-28-2015, 10:09 PM
Please guys, realize this isn't one of those clans you just add a guy on Xbox Live and that's it. That's not the way tactical gaming units operate where I come from. I intend members to be active both in game and online. I created the website with the intent of members being active on the forums, planning tournaments and matches against other clans. So if you're just looking for an Xbox clan that run and gun so you can COD 360 no scope your way through a match... move along. But I come from realism "style" units playing military games like America's Army, ARMA, and Battlefield and that's what this group will be. If you're still interested, click on this link (http://tf15.enjin.com/recruitment) and submit your application today.

12-06-2015, 08:10 PM
We've had an awesome first week playing the game. Lots of the issues from the beta are fixed, some are still there though, but the game has a ton of potential that I'm excited for and the other members of our group are. We're still recruiting and won't stop until we reach about 50 players for R6S! We will also be opening recruitment to other tactical shooters as well in due time so not to spread ourselves too thin. We are also working on a new website, Enjin is OK for initially organizing things, but it leaves much to be desired and has a lot of bugs. So go ahead and visit our temporary site at www.tf15.enjin.com and add me on Xbox today!

Christopher Barden
XBL GT: crbarden92