View Full Version : OMG what have you do?

11-25-2015, 12:40 AM
This BETa is more **** than the Alpha and Betas before.

- You must not have Skill to shot a DRONE. 1 Meter left or right is ok to Destroy a Drone with a shot. WTF??? That was better in the Closed Beta. You must have AIM and Skill to Destroy a DRONE.

- Performance Downgrade. I have played LAGFREE the Closed Beta in 1680x1050 in HIGH Details. Now i can played 1680x1050 LOW Setting and its laggy.

- Operators are slower. That is soooo slow. They walking over the Rainbow, but not fast and tactical. The Movement speed is NOW in this Open Beta so low that i think the Operators sleep.

- The Recoil is ever in Game. in 2floor throws anyone a grenade and my Aimbot vibrades in the other Building.

- I find not more matches i wait 30 minutes with the friends and we find not a match. They comes in a other Party or it shuts down.

- We can not talk in Teamspeak. Push to talk activates autmaticly. Have we ingame no microphone voice, have we in TS no Microphone (MUTE!)

- It is very laggy. From Closed Beta to Open Beta is my computer to bad and my internetconnection.

- Corpses fly in the sky and dancing in the Wall.

- DRONES more slower and jump not more so high.

That all was better in the Closed Beta. Why do you changed so many things to =****! ????

11-25-2015, 02:18 AM
Probably passing from PC version to a Consoles Port...