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11-24-2015, 10:16 PM
(ban me all you want i just copied and pasted this from the subredit so I'm not sitting here and taking out all the profanity,)
I have no words...
This game was ****ing amazing when i played the closed alpha, technical test and closed beta from before... ****ING AMAZING.
It was so fun, i wanted more and more after it finished and then i saw this email today and was so happy.
So i download get in game and here is about how it went.
1. somehow the game was ****ing with teamspeak and even disabling the in game voice chat didn't work i had to mute my friend to not hear him twice.
2. Match making took about 30 mins and it didn't find anything, when it did people just left or disconnected...
3 finally decided to play terrorist hunt with just me and my friend. so we get in the game and the first thing i notice is the graphics look absolutely crap....
This game looked awesome before and now somehow ( even on ultra) the game just looked like i was on a god damn PS3!!
4 shortly after i noticed how badly the game and operator was handling.. just bleh was not good.
5 stuck with it though as i had so much fun before... so breaching into some where i run for cover... and somehow i'm shot through several walls while being on the outside of a house... now i know you can be shot through walls but this wasn't like that...
6 So pretty pissed by this point but i start the game again... and again... and again because i kept dying, and the main reason for this was the enemy didn't ****ing take damage??!?
What is that about??? i had a suicide guy run up to me... I'm not exaggerating now i honestly shot him with an entire clip of my main weapon... didn't bring him down... nothing.... NOTHING.
You ****ed this game. me and my friend both came off after this, mainly so i could write this review to let you know that.
Thanks for ruining a, what seemed to be, a ****ing good game.

11-25-2015, 04:51 AM
Same here Liamsteve

Shocked at how bad it is now, would say don't even think of putting this out, or get ready to test your refunding system more then you would even like lol

Right now you could put out the last beta build and have a better game by 80%

Last time i was none stop playing it and this time 3 games and its a struggle to play it more.