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Among all of the men and women whom Jacob and Evie encounter during their adventures in London during AC Syndicate, none have the emotional impact and driving characterization of the individual known simply as "John the Tosser". In memory of him, I've decided to make a slightly spoilery- and 100% factual- memorial to him. Enjoy!

John was born to parents Evelyn and Jack York, a forgotten and downtrodden house in Havering in 1836. His father had to work multiple shifts at a local textile factory, so John rarely got to see the man. John's mother took care of the boy during his early years, but she disappeared when he was seven years old- ruled as nothing more than another soul lost to the city's maw.

Without any parental guidance, John began to be unruly. His father, desperate to provide a better life for his son, began working even more shifts at the mill in the hopes of bringing in more money to the family- yet he persistently refused to entertain the idea of sending out John to work. Unfortunately, his prolonged absence caused an even greater rift between the man and his boy. John, in his constant time alone in the family's small abode, became almost feral. He eventually took to walking the streets of London. This started innocently enough, with him playing various games such as "Tom Tiddler's Ground", "Gully", and "Red Rover".

Many of the boys John played with also came from broken families. When they began to open up with each other about this, their bonds tightened, and they became more like a family to each other. They would beg for coins, play instruments in the street for change, and even steal to pay for food that they would prepare in their "family dinners"- typically, this would consist of a simple item such as sausages, carrots, or bread that the boys would share around a fire.

Once, a rich man saw John singing in the street (John had the voice of an angel) and gave him a small fortune of five Crowns. John wrapped up the coins in one of his handkerchief, and his uneaten half of a carrot in the other handkerchief. On the way back to his "family", John realized that he needn't worry about eating carrots to survive anymore (he hated them) so he threw the wrapped up handkerchief into the Thames. It wasn't until the parcel was already in the air that he realized that he had thrown the wrong hankie into the river- in one hand, he still clutched a carrot, falling into the Thames were 5 golden Crowns.

Due to that incident, the boys began calling John a "tosser" (and not because of anything else, you dirty-minded folk).

Eventually, the boys grew up, and threw in with a larger crowd- a gang called the Blighters. John never much liked his new companions- they were much less care-free than his previous "family", and they worked for some big-wig named Crawley Stratford, or something. John grew depressed when his brothers began to assimilate into the Blighters and lose contact with him. Many of them partook in activities that John disagreed with, such as harming children and burning houses. Others began disappearing- murdered by some phantom who was after Crawley.

One night, down in the dumps, John went to a pub in Devil's Acre to drink himself to death. After forcing down a few ales (he'd never been able to stand the taste of alcohol) his beer goggles kicked in and he saw a beautiful woman sitting all alone. He approached her, and told her that she was beautiful. The woman introduced herself as Mary Anne. The two began talking, and John was able to see past her beauty and into her soul- it was truly a religious experience for him.

They discussed John's childhood- how he joined the Blighters, his "family", his father's absence. Mary Anne suggested that John may merely need to communicate with his father- a thought that had never occurred to the man before. Then, some jerk with a dog came up and took the beautiful angel away.

In the weeks following the conversation with Mary Anne, John used every available moment with his fellow gang members to track down his father (strangely, there weren't a lot of free moments lately- for some reason, Crawley and Roth were working the Blighters overtime). However, John eventually found his father- the man was now a lawyer with an estate in Westminster! John sent a letter to Jack York, apologizing for running away and asking if the two could make amends. Jack responded almost immediately, saying that he'd love to welcome his son back into his life.

John had been personally invited by his boss, Max Roth, to attend a play at the Alhambra establishment. The job was simple enough. All John had to do was attend the performance, and he'd be paid 5 gold Crowns for his efforts. The irony!

John asked if his father Jack could also attend- he figured such a prestigious moment would be a great time for the two to catch up.

"The more the merrier", Roth told him, and made sure that Jack got a ticket.

"By the way, wear this. My serving girls will recognize you as a man of status with this on", Roth told John, handing him a bronze/golden mask.

The night of the play, John and Jack met on the lower mezzanine. They talk and caught up on years of each others' lives. They laughed, they cried- they became a family again, a true family. Then, as Roth began announcing the beginning of the performance, John toppled over, blood running down his back. As Jack turned, he saw a man in a top hat running toward the stage.

"It was great getting to see you," John told his father, and breathed his last. Flames erupted in the theater, then. Jack barely escaped with his life.

Jack York never forgot about his son. He never forgot about the theater. And he most certainly never forgot about the man in the top hat. For years he planned his revenge, but it wasn't until nearly twenty years later (when Jack was in his early seventies) that he resolved to really rip up the city that had scorned him.

So yeah, that's my silly story for a character that I legitimately enjoyed (though he got little screentime). Feel free to share any other silly theories or fan stories here, I'd love to read them!

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Trying to remember this character lol. Haven't done my replay yet because of Fallout.

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Trying to remember this character lol. Haven't done my replay yet because of Fallout.

He's the random Blighter who's speaking in the pub to Ms. Disraeli in Devil's Acre.

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I remember the good old days when you could guess a person's profession from their name.


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Don't think I'll ever forget THIS guy