View Full Version : Terrorist Hunt - Terrorists Spawning Outside Frustration (video)

11-24-2015, 09:51 PM
I appreciate that this isn't a bug, but I'm just really disappointed that the gameplay decision has continued to allow Terrorists to spawn outside of the building during combat. I'm sure that there are reasons behind the decision, but it just makes a tactical shooter so unrealistic and frustrating. I remember reading previously about an algorithm for spawning X type of Terrorists outside after X amount were killed during the game. I'd just like to understand why it's not possible to spawn all Terrorists at the start of the game, and remain with that number throughout?

Not that it's necessarily needed, but here's an example of my frustration - killed by 2 terrorists who spawned in the corner of the house garden. If players in PvP aren't allowed outside of the building without being marked by the "Police" around the perimeter, why is it acceptable in PvE?