View Full Version : Knife one shoting a riot shield..

11-24-2015, 09:44 PM
Can you guys please take a look at the way a knife can kill a riot shield user? I play blitz a lot on terrorist hunt and I am getting annoyed by a terrorist walking up to a door I'm guarding and swinging a knife one time ( most of the time hitting my shield or swiping above my head and not hitting me at all according to the kill cams) and killing me. I think its a little ridicules that I am in heavy gear with riot shield that can stop a point blank shotgun round but a quick knife slash across it kills me out right... now for arguments sake I could understand if he hit me with a knife from behind and killed me in one shot... but from the front? that just doesn't make sense and sort of gimps the shield users imo.. I mean we already give up main guns, speed, and vision to protect our squad. please take a look into this and think of a better system.