View Full Version : Assassins Creed: Syndicate review

11-23-2015, 06:18 PM
so ive been playing assassins creed syndicate now since it was released on PC and well its awesome story is great game play is great nice to so throwing knives back.

now how ever thing do not like about the game
1. Bounty hunts: Yeah they are fun and pleasing how ever because ubisoft has use the same model and changed a few bits of it like gave a guy a beard and a different name doesn't make it a different person i feel like im not making a difference, when it come down to it i just killed that guy 5 minutes ago except he has a beard feels cheep and lazy if you going to do these type of mission at least make the targets different people and its the same goes for the templar hunts as well feels rushed and lazy of ubisoft.

2. Skills and levels: hate it just remove it from the game i nasty and cheep you have created a game about assassins they should know all of these skills by default if you want to gain skills do it with the story system like you did in assassins creed 2, one of the reasons witch made assassins creed 2 so awesome and successful, the skills system feel like a lazy way to get more into your games gaining skills by clicking a box feel boring and don't feel like i have achieved anything same with the levelling system remove it it don't do anything it has no use's at all it worked some what for unity because it was a multiplayer game with co-op missions but as a single player game unlockable skills and levelling has no place there.

3. difficulty levels: all you have done is used the levelling system and slapped a number on everything its lazy and ugly you want to make the game harder i get it but don't numbers on it all for god sake then lit just looks like an MMO and a bad one " ohh i cant go there is level 8 and im only level 2 oohh no i cant go and see that area of the game ill be killed " again remove it from the game also makes the game feel like a grind, its a single player game people want a great story with lots of killing a various different ways and gaining items and skills from the story by progressing with the story' like AC 2 you gained that jumping skill from Rosa and you get to practice your skills with Leonardo and gain a second blade from him.

4. the invisibility skill NEVER PUT THAT IN AN AC game again its just wrong, its taking the whole aspect of being an assassins away

but over all despite this things Assassins Creed Syndicate is awesome great game well fun great story so far great protagonists well pleased with the game aver all

im not the best writer forgive me