View Full Version : game crashes when i access VIRIDIAN COVES .

11-22-2015, 11:42 PM
I am very disappointed with this game,
why in the hell there is NO MANUAL save, in this damn game??? why
they thought this game is so dam perfect , that it's not going to crash ???
well this is exactly what i am going through, after spending countless hours, now every time i try to access VIRIDIAN COVES, the game crashes !!!!! yes this means i cant progress through the game play, this means i have to restart it all over, because some idiot developers screw up, didn't want to add manual save,,,
i am so pi$$ed,
If anyone has a work around this issue PLEASE let me know,,,, I am done plying this crap until i find a fix.

Thank's , and my apologies for the frustrations above,