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11-22-2015, 09:33 PM

i im stuck in a bug loop, i failed a mission were i whas suposed to chase a guy but i whas to slow and he got killed under a train and i got desyncrossis and now even ofter i rebooted my pc and started the game save again but when it loads my last checkpoint i see him gets killd by the train for 2 seconds then it loads again and the mission does not start over again.

instead its a loop there i cant restart mission, no buttons work and the game is stuck in those 2 seconds when i am desycronisised, the mission should restart from the last checkpoint and let my try again but the game is looping same thing for eternity and i cant press start menu to restart mission so the game is stucked at 50% completion

more info...
cant see the the mission name, i am in sequense 7 and its a mission were it beginns in an alley, and i see a thief i should chase after, but he got hit by train and i got desynsronisised, but themission does not start over, when it starts it starts flashing desync and the loop go forever, i cant do anything,must i start the game progress from beginning or can ubisoft abort my mission for me, i have got so long into the game, level 10, all skills and the best weapons.

I disconnected internet and changed my pc folder savings to like 35% 2 days ago. but still the game thinks i am at 58% as todays saving, i can delete them when i am starting the game, but the game say it cant be reversed, but it must be possible when i dont have any internet on the ubisoft saving cloud

SUGESTIONS??? Please help quick before i ruin my good skills and level 10

11-22-2015, 10:28 PM
Please contact Ubisoft support to report this issue and get help, link is in my signature.

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