View Full Version : Hints, Hints, Hints

11-21-2015, 10:42 PM
I'm really enjoying the game so far but one thing is bothering me. I was doing a mission which involved retreiving some stuff from crates. The area was full of enemies who I was stealthing around and slowly taking out but the game decided that I needed a hint telling me to use Eagle Vision to find the crates every 10 seconds or so, which was maddening. Firstly I could have worked it out for myself, secondly telling me once was more than enough, I wasn't going to forget to use Eagle Vision when all the enemies were dead. I tried to disable this without success, I really hope a way to turn this off is patched in as I like to figure stuff out for myself and having the game tell you what to do every few seconds really gets annoying very quickly. Great game but this sort of thing sucks the enjoyment out of it.