View Full Version : Next AC titles within AC Black Flag?

11-21-2015, 05:28 AM
So I found an interesting e-mail within Abstergo while replaying AC Black Flag:

From: Evan Dean
To: Olivier Garneau; Melanie Lemay; Kama Neron; Klo Lesney; Christopher Darby
Date/Time: 6 nov 2013 21:33
Subject: RE: Possible Locations... ?
Okay, come on. Until oily, humorless university professors start paying us eight-figure fees to research the "reification of normative gender signifies in pre-colonial India" why don't we STICK TO **** THAT SELLS?
I'm talking Jack the Ripper in Victorian London. I'm talking about guillotines, Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte in the French Revolution? I'm talking about Billy the Kidd and Wyatt Earp in the Wild American West. I'm talking about Ghengis Kahn and the Mongols killing a city of millions in the span of a long, summer weekend. Action. Blood. Adventure. CONFLICT.

Because we're not going to earn back 1/10th of the money we have poured into this reliving the memories of the guy who sat next to Einstein as he bit his nails while working out the finer details of General Relativity in his head.

For F**k's sake man. This is a business, not a group therapy session.