View Full Version : So Ubisoft, any word at all about a patch?!

11-19-2015, 11:55 PM
havn't heard a peep from you guys for what? 3-4 weeks?

far as i know that darwin mission and marx mission still have the glitches in them that either stop your process forever or make you restart the mission! And i know there is a work around for the darwin mission but.....missions shouldn't have shady work arounds to complete them!

the wall kill animations need to be patched too cause 9/10 even if you are right next to a wall you wont do them!

if you are hooded and use a zipline and holding R2 you wont start running right away you have to let go of R2 and then re-press it to start running again.(not a problem if you aren't hooded)

the hood still goes away when you interact with a lot of objectives and is replaced with the hat. (i shouldn't have to go into stealth mode 6 times during a mission when im supposed to be stealthy)

only one cutscene in the games registers you have the hood on and shows it.

some cutscenes you have no hat at all.

and lastly! this may be a personal thing! but can you please put george westhouses outfit in and usable by jacob?! please!!

11-20-2015, 09:40 PM
George Westhouse is FRIGGING AWESOME ! Its really a shame we dont see him more than we do in the game...I really liked him even tho we saw him briefly. :)

I remember advancing in the game thinking we will see him later, coming after the twins to London to get them back where ever they were...nagging on them, setting them straight and so on...would have been a cool think in the story. :)

11-21-2015, 02:48 AM
Agreed about George's outfit. It is incredibly awesome.

Although, what if George is the protagonist in the Jack The Ripper DLC? I could totally see that happening.