View Full Version : [suggestion] Love the game, but there is one thing I'd ask for

11-19-2015, 07:11 PM
Dear Ubisoft & MMH7 players,

So far I really enjoy the game - much more than I did enjoy both H5 and especially H6. Either I am just lucky or else, but I haven't experienced any crushes or serious problems with MMH7 (I'm aware about Multiplayer being broken though, however I play hot-seat and not real multiplayer, so sync bugs are irrelevant to me).

But there is one thing I dislike the most in the game at the moment, and it's MUSIC. The soundtrack is partially BAD. Really BAD. Not all the soundtrack, but significant part of it. I'll briefly get over the tracks and give my two cents about these:

Town themes:


- Stronghold. Perhaps the best town theme in the game. Though it would fit Haven better, IMO.
- Necropolis. Nice orchestral theme and good soprano out there.


- Dungeon. Average, but still far away from ones from the previous Heroes' games.
- Haven. Also, not fantastic. Let's say acceptable.


- Sylvan. Is THIS for real?? How?? It's completely wrong and doesn't even remotely remind anything elvish. It would fit some nomadic tribe, some Dothraki khalassar, etc. I don't know but NOT an elven town. Just check Heroes 2 Sorceress Town or Heroes 3 Rampart Town for a glimpse and an idea what Elvish music should sound like.

But Academy = clearly the worst of them all. I don't know whether someone from Limbic is familiar with Russian director and producer Nikita Mikhalkov's movies, but the theme sounds like some anachronism from Mikhalkov's movies a-la "Cruel Romance". It's HORRIBLE! A 40-s waltz for Heroic town? Really? That doesn't even SOUND like game music. It's totally unfit and sounds BAD, just BAD, like some stuff my 90-old-year-grandma is listening to.

Battle music

ALL HMM7 original ones, except one taken from MMH6 - the only one coming from older games and, ironically, the only good one - are weak and uninspiring.

This is the one which is good and should be kept:


Change / replace others with battle themes from older HMM games, please!

I'd like, for instance, to hear this, either original or remixed, battle song::


Let it return, along with other best combat themes from HMM3 and HMM4.

OR, at least, let us change MP3 music files ourselves as easy as it was in HMM3 - just put in the theme with same name and it would work. I want to be able to set my own music themes for towns and combats, cause, honestly, this soundtrack with few exceptions I've listed above is the worst in HMM history so far.

P.S. I know I'm not the only one finding MMH7 music not so good.