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11-19-2015, 11:54 AM
We heard and seen some Multiplayer action, but I'm sure we haven't fully know everything yet.

Just from my curiosity, will we as a player get to choose our Character as a: Samurai, Knight, or VIking. And will we get to do a customization of some source to it for our liking.
Just because there will be Male/Female character, I want an answer for it. I'm a guy but asking for the female gamer, I know they would prefer to play as a female character.

And will there be any horse riding? And what kind and how many "KILL Streak" are there?

11-21-2015, 07:39 AM
None of this is guaranteed to be in the final product, but this is what I've seen.

There are 8+ Preset customizations of each gender, each faction I think is safe to say. Now these may have been preset for the sake of the showcase, and the final product may be more detailed, but I can't say that for sure- and what is there is quite nice. You can play a female character, and you will be able to play those three factions of course, not too sure how they're selected however. In addition, both the attacking and defending sides had different customizations to them, that or I'm just crazy, but I think there were.

To emphasize, you can play both genders at your own choosing

11-21-2015, 08:19 AM
In story mode, I'm actually hoping you switch characters/classes at certain intervals, and multiple times throughout---sort of like the recent Mortal Kombat story modes---and switch factions in process, and in so doing, you'd get to test out all the classes, to figure out what you're preferences are for multiplayer, and to see alternate perspectives on what's actually going on in the world the devs have created.

Imagine seeing something play out as one faction, and have that faction's characters/leadership perceive the circumstances one way, and decide on a course of action, and then switching factions to see that that perception is completely wrong. It would also be a great device for showing the commonalities and/or differences between the separate factions' ideologies, so that anyone who's on the fence about which faction they want to play as in multiplayer can see what it is they would be fighting for (so to speak).

11-21-2015, 12:39 PM
Yeah, it can be something a bit like Splinter Cell where you can make some decision through-out the game at some point. Usually I just killed everything :P

No Mercy

11-22-2015, 05:11 AM
Yeah, it can be something a bit like Splinter Cell where you can make some decision through-out the game at some point. Usually I just killed everything :P

No Mercy

I only meant that characters in the story would make decisions, not the player.

As a rather elaborate example:

You're playing a Legion section, as a Warden, under the command of a Duke whose city stands in the southern regions of the Kingdom. The Chosen have already breached the border and sacked a few towns (possibly earlier campaign levels), have suffered some losses, but seem determined to gain a major foothold in the region, and the Duke knows the only way they'll be able to do that is to capture the city he commands, as it acts as a major thoroughfare for troops and supplies keeping the region stocked and defended. You've been sent as reinforcements, by command of the King. The Duke lays out the importance of the city's defense and orders you to the wall.

As you look out over the southern fortification, there is an open field, a shallow dip in the land, and a forest beyond. All is quiet for a moment, and then you hear a battle cry from beyond the slope, and see the Chosen army slowly rise up---seemingly out of the land---as they march toward the castle, all the while you hear their commanders galvanizing their troops (preferably in Japanese). The Duke (or a general) orders a volley of arrows, which succeed in taking out a few in the front ranks, causing the Chosen to stop, whereupon their commander gives a command, waves a signal fan, and their archers let loose an Arrow Storm, felling a number of Legion troops on the wall, before a large portion of the army charges the wall, the first among them to reach it throwing grappling hooks and begin climbing.

Gameplay begins, in which you defend the wall as Chosen begin climbing up onto it---and let's assume you have access to your Feats, and would be able to call in Catapult Strikes on the Chosen army below. After some period of time, a short cutscene plays of one of the Chosen commanders giving a signal, and from over the decline comes a couple of horses pulling a battering ram on a wheeled frame, which charge up to the gate, followed by a couple dozen Chosen warriors and archers to operate and defend it; and as certain Legion archers change focus from the main force scaling the wall to the ram and its workers, a few (more) Chosen succeed in scaling the wall, creating a breach in your defenses.

Gameplay resumes as you fight a bit more on the wall, until the Duke (or general) rallies the troops there, the troops around you crushing and pushing back the fighters on the wall, and orders you to the gate. Once there, in a courtyard amid the rhythmic thumping of the ram on the other side of the door, the unit commander imparts on you the importance of holding the entryway, and when the wood cracks and splits, and the doors are flung open, the entire Chosen force charges into the breach.

You would fight in the courtyard for a few minutes, but ultimately you are victorious, and force a retreat from the Chosen. The Duke would not be satisfied, however, until he sees all the invaders destroyed, and orders the army to run down the fleeing Chosen and make sure they won't return. The Legion chases them over the decline and into the forest, but as they start moving through the trees, you would see there is a larger, secondary Chosen force hiding in the brush, at which point you would switch to a Chosen Oni, ambush the Legion, and fight your way back through the field and eventually succeed in sacking the city.

From there, the campaign could either stay with the Chosen story until the next conflict, or it could switch back to the Legion---the King reacting to news of the city's fall, but being told that there's other trouble in the Kingdom, and that the Warborn have been sighted on the northern coast---or even switch to the Warborn---the camera pulls back from the Chosen victory to eventually reveal a small fleet of ships seeing the smoke from the burning city from a distant river, where they're preparing to attack a port.

There's plenty they can do with this method of storytelling. If, in that little scenario, you stay with the Chosen, you could have a little celebration scene, with some opportunity for dramatisation, laying out a bit of what they really want to accomplish (i.e. 'This can be our new home. Fertile fields, clear skies. But we must defend it.'), making them more than just a bunch of faceless soldiers. Also in that scenerio, if you pull back to the Warborn, perhaps they succeed in taking the port they're going after, but having seen the smoke earlier, the leader of the warband thinks it's probably an easy target for a second raid, setting up a conflict between them and the Chosen.

Sorry if that was a bit long and involved, but I really think it gets my point across. ;)