View Full Version : Question about The Summit rewards!

11-18-2015, 10:25 PM
Does anyone know how you get loot from the summit?

As an example I'll take Platinum rewards, I am top 30 as of now and the chances are as follows:

20% - Parts Pack
50% - ESK
20% - CC Pack
10% - Boost Pack

My question might be a little bit complicated that might even need a Developer to answer this!

How do you get rewarded with the loot?

Is it...

Every time you earn a medal at the end of the race?
Do you earn the loot when timer expires on that specific event? (this one being summit qualifiers 12-19 November.

If the second one is the answer, how do you get the loot? what if you don't have the game launched, how you get your loot rewarded to you?
Or how can you know what you've won if.. you won?


You get your rewards after you launch game!