View Full Version : Replaying the Series. Best Order?

11-18-2015, 09:21 PM
So I just finished Assassin's Creed: Syndicate (the first one I've loved this much since AC2!) and over winter break from college I want to replay the series. I was wondering about the order I should play them in. Release order or In-Universe? By In-Universe it'd be AC1>AC2>AC:B>AC:R>AC:IV>AC:Rogue>AC:3/AC:L>AC:U>AC:S
Any thoughts?

11-18-2015, 09:34 PM
Depends on how important the overarching story is to you.

This is my favorite order- just skip DLC or games if you don't have them.

ACRo- Play until final memory sequence (stopping right after killing Liam is a decent spot)
ACRo- Finish Game (there won't be a lot left)

I went in order of release, because of the overarching story. Granted, it's gotten weaker in recent entries, but it still helps in making a cohesive plot if they're played in this order.
I played Unity before Rogue when I first got the games. Personally, I like the impact that the reveal in Rogue has after finishing Unity, even if you already know the twist. HOWEVER, I think ACBF fits in thematically and with the overarching story a little better before ACU, though there could conceivably be some overlap.

11-19-2015, 03:40 PM
On the case of my brother and me, I'm not saying you have to do abousolutely everything, but here is what we do :

First of all, every time advance enough in the story, from the start of the serie up until we finnish it after ac iv, we go there : http://fr.assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Assassin's_Creed:_Initiates
#2 ac 1.
#3 ac lineage.
#4 ac ii with battle of Forly and bonfire of vanitys.
#5 ac b with Copernico as soon as we can and ac ascendance right after we kill de Valois.
#6 the da Vinci disapearence.
#7 the lost archive.
#8 ac re with the 5 Desmong mission.
#9 ac embers.
#10 ac iii with the Benedict Arnold dlc.
#11 the thyranny of king Washinghton.
#12 ac liberation hd.
#13 the aveline dlc of ac iv.
#14 ac iv bf.
#15 freedom cry.
#16 ac rogue.
#17 ac unity.
#18 dead kings.
#19 ac syndicate.