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11-18-2015, 10:48 AM

We all know Spartacus is shutting down, and that's obviously a big shame...


I have just recently tried playing a game and it's FANTASTIC!!

Although it doesn't 'equally match' Spartacus completely, it - Does - fill that 'void' Spartacus will soon create in everyone that enjoys the game..

This other game is called " DOOM WARRIOR ", and it's actually quite good -

(Note - Doom Warrior is on PC, not xbox)

What makes the game so good especially relative to Spartacus, is that it has that 'gritty primal appeal' that Spartacus had, the warriors look like 'warriors', there's tons of armor and weapons to buy and customize, drawn in a large and dark art style. The game doesn't have 'pastel' colours, the music is primal and adrenaline-pumping, and it ALSO has an overall 'rpg' type system where you actually build your 'stats', something Spartacus lacks totally.

" DOOM WARRIOR " is in fact incredibly similar to Spartacus in many ways, but be aware there is one big 'draw-back', and that is the combat mechanics are not actually 'free-form 3d fighter' like Spartacus. It has a very simplified 'block and attack' system, using the ASDW and UP-DOWN-LEFT-RIGHT cursor keys.

Don't be fooled however by it's simplicity, it actually really does capture that adrenaline pumping 'feel' of combat that Spartacus has.

Let me get more in depth for those interested, as to comparing the two:

Music - Spartacus - Awesome blood-pumping Primal music --- Doom Warrior - Almost/Equally as good blood-pumping Dark Primal music

Music - Doom Warrior is almost as good as Spartacus

Spartacus - Awesome 'crowd' cheering ambiance ---- Doom Warrior - DOES have (almost as good) that awesome 'crowd-cheering' ambiance

Sound Ambiance - Doom Warrior is almost as good as Spartacus

Gear/Items Spartacus - Tons of gear and items to buy ---- Doom Warrior - Has TONS of gear and items to buy, this is actually BETTER than Spartacus

You 'buy' stuff with 'in-game' currency only, it is not 'P2W', and in fact, Doom Warrior has TONS MORE items and 'special' Runes, skills, slots etc, to drastically allow for that 'customization' option when getting gear and building up your guy. And we're talking some really neat stuff, like 'Life-steal', 'Energy Steal', all kinds of neat and interesting things.

Doom Warrior is definitely better in the 'item' category.

Art Style Character Art --- Spartacus - Dark gritty Character models --- Doom Warrior -- Dark Gritty Character models

Doom Warrior is very similar in the models, almost look in the same in some ways, but Doom Warrior also has female fighter models

Arenas --- Spartacus -- Roman type coliseums etc ---- Doom Warrior -- Multiple types of arenas that fit the dark art style that unlock as you rank up

Doom Warrior has similar art style though due to play mechanics Spartacus is 'better'.

Game mechanics Combat --- Spartacus -- Unmatched combat mechanics that destroy all other fighting games -- Doom Warrior -- A very basic combat style that although seems downright silly at first compared to Spartacus, it actually DOES 'feel' exciting and tense incredibly similar to Spartacus (!!)

Although it goes without saying nothing compares to a good Spartacus match, it has to be said that considering soon we won't have that option anymore, then we might as well look for the next best thing, and incredibly, this " Doom Warrior " game, with it's simplistic '4-way block' and '4-way attack' combat style actually does give you that 'tense adrenaline rush' that comes from a good match in Spartacus.

It really does feel like you're 'deking out' your opponents, due to the fact that with skillful stat assigning you really have to 'play to your build', making it very strategic as well as 'reflex dependant'.

It cannot be stressed enough you really have to give the game a shot to see how the combat 'feels'. On paper it just seems silly but once you play it it's very surprisingly fun.

the 'P2W' Factor --- Spartacus -- Unfortunately, we all know perhaps this was one of the things that brought the game down, as your progress was heavily stifled by the 'P2W' mechanics

Doom Warrior --- Interestingly, because you can't buy any items with 'real money', this game eliminates that huge 'P2W' barrier Spartacus had, it does have some 'P2W' mechanics, but they are very 'icing on the cake' type stuff that will never outright kill anybody of equal level and skill. Just that little bit to make it fun for the person paying but never feels unfair to someone who isn't.

Please note I talked to moderator about the game and they did say if they get an influx of players (since I mentioned many Spartacus players might look into it since Spartacus is shutting down) they will consider going on Steam. (That in turn will create more players).

There is one other aspect -- due to it's combat mechanics they do - Not - pay a large server cost like Spartacus did (which obviously led to it's being pulled down), and they mentioned the game will keep going a long time because of it's low maintenance cost.

So!.. That said, please try -- DOOM WARRIOR !!

Check it out at " Doomwarrior.com "

(no I'm not 'affiliated' with the game or any kind of marketing, I simply am really into gritty primal 'gladiatorial' type fighting games and I'm happy to see something be almost as good as Spartacus (to take it's place)

Keep Great games going and don't let another gem disappear into history.

Thanks All for your Time!!

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