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11-17-2015, 01:12 AM
Hey guys, there's something i wanted to show, some history i found doing math with the hidden codes the game brotherhood gave. To see how the story of Desmond ended so suddenly, well i started going back on history and i found something really interesting i would like to show the creators but they're hard to reach. So I'm just gonna put it here:
You all remember in AC brotherhood the triangle that had three dates once in eagle vision: 1419, 1420 & 1421. They also gave us a code which they used to find the apple, the code was 72. If you sum the dates with the code you get:
1419 + 72 = 1491
1420 + 72 = 1492
1421 + 72 = 1493
These dates are quite interesting cause they have a lot to do with templars in real life. All of you have heard of Christopher Columbus. From Spain, He discovered America and Puerto Rico. There are many books that show his life as a templar and they talk about a hidden Templar treasure.
The date i gave you above show a real life good story line for the game.
1491- Christopher Columbus' diary.
1492- Discovers America.
1493- Discovers Puerto Rico.
Books confirm this information, there is a hidden templar treasure that Columbus left behind. What can it be?
This is a good story that AC can make, his diary can show the locations from all the places he got to.
It can take place in Spain. Maybe an assassin working undercover with the templars, once discovered he was killed and the legacy passed to his son. Many things can be written. I'll just leave this here for the AC team to find it cause i don't know how else i can get it to them.
Thanks for reading!
I got more info on this but if they choose to have this then i'll say the rest.

11-17-2015, 03:30 PM
I could see how a game like this could be advantageous. It would play off of the nostalgia of the Ezio trilogy (the European cities) as well as Black Flag (the Caribbean sections), both of which seem to be Ubisoft's favorite sons right now. It could also be relevant to the film somehow, given the location. Personally, I'd also like the variety and "globetrotting" effect of going from European cities to the West Indies.

So yeah, I'd be game for this.