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11-13-2015, 04:21 PM
Hi guys, I've been playing the alpha and beta, and had already posted feedback but then the closed beta forum section was removed so my feedback is no longer existing.
So, here is a shorten list of what I remember so far:

Overall I enjoyed the game and liked the feeling of it but it could be better. There are some ideas/improvements that could be brought in. Here they are:

[GAMEPLAY]: Manual and/or random cameras locations
[GAMEPLAY]: Make floors fully destructible instead of only trap doors. If not happy with that, maybe add a game mode integrating full destruction and another one with limited destruction.
[GAMEPLAY]: Make lights destructible (consequently add flashlights and nightvision)
[GAMEPLAY]: Make the C4 blow when destroyed instead of just vanishing.
[GAMEPLAY]: Manual and/or more random bomb locations (for the bomb modes).
[CONTENT]: Bring back the defenders terrorist skins just like it was shown in the E3 2014 Gameplay video. (Is it against Ubisoft policies ? If so, just say it, we won't kill you). Or at least, add distinct visuals between the 2 teams because right now they have the same uniforms and colors, which makes the teams hardly differentiable.
[CONTENT]: Add flashlights and nightvision support.


I'm pretty sure I had other things in mind but this is all I remember for now.
If you guys have anything to add, you can answer here, I will try to update the post to add your suggestions.