View Full Version : Patchnotes (18.11.2015)

11-13-2015, 02:34 PM

Hi everyone,

The team listend to your feedback, checked the reports and worked on a first hotfix which will be released Wednesday 18th Nov. 2015.

Stability issues:

Fixed an issue causing a crash sometimes when shifting between the sector view and the Strategy Map.
Fixed an issue causing a crash that occurs after changing the resolution in the options menu in some cases.
Fixed an issue causing a crash before the epilepsy warning in some very rare cases.
Fixed several further issues which could eventually lead to stability problems.

Functionality issues:

Fixed a bug causing some players to be disconnected from the "World Market" and "Council" online features after several hours of playing.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from claiming the “Business Angel” Club Reward if they had previously claimed resources transferred from the Anno 2205 Asteroid Miner