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11-10-2015, 04:34 AM
this is a post I accidently posted over on the Wildlands.net website and wanted it posted here!

Wow, Ghost Recon Future Soldier....

Hard to believe its been 3.5 Years since the release of GRFS. Ghost Recon series has been my favorite Series to play ever...

When I first started playing GRFS I couldn't adapt and hated the way you moved and the dang cover system got me killed more than id like to recall much less admit. However with more and more hours into the game, I became more familiar with the controls and quickly adjusted with hour and hours of game time. Of course the huge issue was connections and being able to Host and join other Hosted games. FS definitely has its time of week literally every week even 3.5 years later. Moving on from that (hard too trust me) if you can (IF) move past the issues with networks and such...Next come Player, I have literally met some of the best guys on Ghost Recon, mostly Future Soldier cause I've clearly got the most playing time with FS. Guys like AI Bluefox, ITK5, Mattshotcha, Kodie Coolings, Zeke have developed into great Online Friends. All because of GR, so thanks for that.

I just cant give it up...For instance, I bought my Xone probably 10 months ago with some help on Price from one of those great guys listed above (thanks). I bought BF4, Shadows of Morrador, Titanfall, and latest, Metal Gear Solid V, Halo 5, and yet I still after even weeks of playing one of those or any and all of those games I find myself coming HOME (GRFS).

Not really sure maybe its cause I get more time to drink in between Matches in GR hahahaha...no the real reason is because of the friends I get to run with, and the GAME, damn that Game I just love the way you control it. The mechanics of FS are so beyond its age and before its time. The cover swap entering and cancelling motions, speed bursting off walls and covers. Make GRFS second to none IMO on Xbox 360.

Weapons gess we can't leave this point of the game out. Theres literally no other game that compares to the PVP Weapon Modification. IE (Gunsmith) Please Bring this back in GR Wildlands... I can't say enough about the ability to modify every major aspect of any of the offered weapons even if its negatively effecting your control or range of a particular weapon you can still modify it. Just simply amazing.

Bottom Line I Vote for a Remastered GRFS with dedicated servers!

Xbox 360 (GRFS)


HVT Ghost Team Squad

luisrobles cl
11-14-2015, 08:14 PM
Man i love this game but lag ruin the game on 360, and bugs + crashes + issues ruines the game on PC...

Still one of my favorites of all time (im sux and i know it anyway)

11-17-2015, 11:59 PM
Man i love this game but lag ruin the game on 360, and bugs + crashes + issues ruines the game on PC...

Still one of my favorites of all time (im sux and i know it anyway)

Yeah there are days its near impossible for sure LMAO but like I stated doesn't matter majority of the time its not like that theres some glitches but so many of the new players picking up the game for cheap don't know the tricks on majority.

Thanks for the reply though....just had to express my love and gratitude towards a game ive made some great friends through.

HVT Ghost Team

12-20-2015, 03:23 PM
Hello GRFS players. Muddvain is right. Its been nearly 4 years that we got a wonderful game that oddly got bad reviews but hey its all about what we think as fans. Ghost recon advance warfighter 2 was my first online military shooting game. I remember when I name myself fratos and was very inexperienced when it came to shooting. However the amazing community of ghost recon help me adapt a little. Communication was the key to be good at the game, make friends, and create enemies. However pvp came into my life at this point when it came to teamwork. It was great back then when I joined the NMS (No Mercy Soldiers) and became xXxNMSxXxfratos. When I joined the squad I was not the best but a average player to kill people. However as years went by from 2007 possibly to 2011 I became a elite player and my name was known. Still people thought little of me since my squad was consider weak but memorable. It was sad at first when GRFS came out and my squad promised they was going to be getting GRFS but as we all did we hated GRFS movement. Still I stayed to adapt to changes in this game but the rest of the NMS jump ship to call of duty and I think it was modern warfare that came out at the time. First year of GRFS I was not great. Barely knew what objectives was, just thought everything was deathmatch but I learned slowly. I wanted to change my name back to fratos but someone stole the name so I had no choice but to carry NMS name. Yes I was a lone wolf for about 2-3 years but I found out this way is what made me stronger. Trust me I deline all kind of friend request lol. I was under the radar for a long time but those who like and knew me seen how better I was getting. I treated this as no longer a game but a sport. GRFS gives good advice when it comes to shooting more than any other games. Modifications was new to me which turn out to be lovable. By 2014 I was a beast at the game but I was given a lot of negative feedback from many people. People use to say why you lag,cheat,etc... but sometime I respond to something they don't hear and sometime I let the bullets talk. I found it fun even till this day to run with randoms and attack a full squad team. I love to carry those in need. like how I carry them to victorya nd get them pumped up to win but at the same time I got stronger. I use to get positive feedback by those that say fratos how you got so good so quick. It's practice and ot watching tutorial videos online. Got to make and learn your own game style. Sometime running a squad full of good people don't make you better. So yea my name surfaced by 2014 and I like how I got my wife cameroun237 which is now xxQueenFratosxx on board with me. She is very good with me as a engineer and scout. Now it was the time I changed my name at the end of 2015 from NMS to xxFratosxx. I like this name better and want to stick with it in Wildlands. I hope wildlands will be a successor to GRFS since veterans of the first ghost recon badly critic GRFS and trying to take some of its roots away in the new game. I hope that is not the case because GRFS offer some great gameplay and thought than any military shooter when it came to visuals like suppressor fire against walls from sound explosions from close to short distance, and objectives which is funnier than just team deathmatch. I like the community here and deep down I like everyone enemy or not. Hope to see everyone on Wildlands. If GRFS don't make it to xbox one RIP.