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11-10-2015, 01:17 AM
I don't even want to approximate how much time I have spent walking over every inch of the World War One map scanning in eagle vision to find these damn things. I have two missing. Some of them were revealed by eagle vision. However, these two do not appear to do so. I contacted Ubisoft support and their answer was basically "Look up a walkthrough online." I do not want a walkthrough or map, I want to find them myself. I do not know how to do this with the resources I have available. Has anyone else noticed that SOME of the letters are not highlighted by eagle vision? And has anyone managed to find them all without looking up their locations on the internet? Thank you.

11-10-2015, 01:28 AM
I walking point to point hope to find all Helix Glyph(the ones in WW 1 don't show even with the map you buy using REAL money)and open all treasure chests eventually I find all.

but I don't know the relevance of it,I think they are real life documents,without any lore relevance for the series...

11-10-2015, 01:40 AM
I have found all but two of them, but I haven't searched for them.

It would be cool if these were letters from real people, like I assume the Royal Correspondence letters are.

11-10-2015, 01:42 AM
I live by a principle with gaming: If it's not fun anymore, then there's no point. Mate, don't be so prideful. If you really want the letters and it's more frustrating than fun trying to find them, then just look it up online. No one's gonna judge you, I promise.

11-10-2015, 01:46 AM
I will judge him, and harshly. :p

11-10-2015, 01:52 AM
I don't care about it,if I have dificulties I see walktrough on net and don't care,find collectibles alone in a game don't will made Women lust for me or anyone.

11-10-2015, 02:04 AM
I will judge him, and harshly. :p

11-10-2015, 03:07 AM
I found nine on my own, the last one didn't show up on the map after using Eagle Vision in the area. I actually had to go through them and see which one I was missing, turned out it was one where I'd already looked a few times. I assume not all of them being found in Eagle Vision is a glitch, so maybe it'll be fixed. :)

11-10-2015, 10:01 AM
They were all there (I 100%ed)

I did notice that not everything was captured on the map if you traversed the area high up,
so I covered the area once at ground level and once again from rooftops.