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11-07-2015, 06:28 PM
Hi there,

feedback and suggestion from a fan of ANNO.

First: GOOD game, but far from perfect. love the graphics, love the multi-session gameplay. BUT, i think its missing some of the ANNO DNA : ARMY RTS like, TRADE, AI.

Where is the need to gert their first, to negotiate, to trade and if all fail to fight.

Here's what i think could bring back ANNO.

You have the multi-session which give you the possibility to implement anything and one that is a MUST:

CRISIS sector. this sector should be like old ANNO. you would have a big map with the Iridium and others, as harvestable resource. you would need to build a small base to produce your unit using the resource from your other sector. this base would be permanent, so slow building of unit, but good defense. you would need to establish trade route to this sector and in return you will build mine and factory to process the iridium and others,instead of picking it up. you will build oil rig to get fuel to activate your specials. you will need to be ask to go in the sector before an attack occur to protect your asset. maybe you could get a small time windows. your unit could have module like in the OLD ANNO.

second CRISIS sector need to be on the moon. when i first get there i was sure to be able to fight the first wave, but no, what a deception. ADD this sector where ground unit will fight it out.

Maybe ADD a special citizen that would supply your army.

TRADE could be revamp. make them modular. we could make them more efficient. but trade should be vital so maybe your current CRISIS could be use to protect your trade route some time and losing a CRISIS would get your less resource for a small time? TRADE should be vulnerable to the other. maybe your could simply put some units to protect it off screen, they could be attack by other corps or pirate or terrorist.

AI, where is the competition? there is none. the other corps should be active, we need diplomacy. how can i simply get better because a get more people. we need more interaction with them. this could have great impact on the CRISIS sector where their could eventually have a base to attack you. you could NEED them to get some resource which take me to my last idea

RESOURCE, should be a reason to fight or negotiate. we shouldnt have every thing we could have some resource that is unique to certain faction so we could have to option. take the fight to get it or trade with them.

All in all not a bad game but i think think this should be kept in mind before doing your other DLC.

11-07-2015, 09:03 PM
Hello wildrems and welcome to the forums! Thanks very much for the feedback. We will take it into account.


11-19-2015, 11:20 PM
Hello wildrems and welcome to the forums! Thanks very much for the feedback. We will take it into account.


Hello please take the feedback of the user named Erulastamnen into account as well, I read some of their ideas in another thread and I very much agree and would love to see them added to the game I will post some of them below for example:

- I love the residential models but there are only two per civilization level. I hope you consider adding a few more especially for executives and investors.

- Corporate Offices: It would be great to give all the excess work force you end up with in the temperate zones something to do. I propose the addition of corporate offices to the late stages of the game. They would be available once a certain amount of investors are reached and would boost the productivity of certain industries. There would be a department of agriculture, manufacturing, high tec., etc. Each office tower would boost the productivity of every corresponding industry. The amount of workforce and energy consumed by the office would increase for each of the respective production buildings relating to that particular office. The effects of the offices would be session wide.

-Public Buildings: My complaint is the irrational number of security offices and stadiums required.
- The stadium should produce +20 entertainment
-The security office and infodrome should be upgrade able.
-Operators and higher should require some sort of medical building. I can't accept that these people administer rejuvenators and put the neuro implants in themselves.
-Once you place the main metro station you should be able add modules which are smaller metro stops. Of course the modules shouldn't have to be adjacent to the main station.

I think these are very good ideas and one of the major problems I currently have with the game, in 2070 there was a lot of customization options for my cities and tons of buildings and beautification items I could choose from but in 2205 there are so few it's laughable, by adding more housing models, corporate office towers, alternate/ upgradeable public buildings and more ornamentals it will really add to the variety and city building enjoyment of the game.

11-20-2015, 08:35 PM
What about adding harrier jets or fighter helicopters and ships with laser weapons to be used during battle missions. And maybe add cargo choppers to gather objects.

11-25-2015, 03:00 AM
Thank you, omaesaite56, for reposting some of my ideas.

11-26-2015, 08:18 PM
Thank you, omaesaite56, for reposting some of my ideas.

You are welcome, they are very good ideas I hope the dev team listen to them.