View Full Version : Map editor question about scripting text/narration. Please help!

11-07-2015, 06:07 AM
Hello. I used to love making Heroes III maps for my kids. I would have a text box pop up before each day saying something....maybe an inside joke about our family, maybe something that would be a clue to the game, and so on.

I have read and watched everything I can on the internet about the map editor, but I can't figure out how to do this with the Heroes VII map editor. I'm getting pretty good at the maps but I miss my text boxes and would love a way to script dialogue simply triggered by the game day.

Can anyone please help?? Thank you

11-10-2015, 02:11 AM
I'm bumping this because this can be/should be the start of a more in depth conversation about the editor and its features.

You and I clearly have similar experiences regarding map making and H3. I'm biting at the bit to do similar stuff now that I'm not making maps just for my wife and I but for three kids as well - not to mention sharing some stories publically as well.

In addition to the text box pop ups, another feature I'd love to see (if it isn't already there) is the ability to trigger events of varying natures.

Tutorials? A forum dedicated to map makers to help people with making maps...?

11-12-2015, 03:55 AM
Thanks for the bump and nice to see a kindred spirit out there. I saw on another forum someone with what sounded like the same issue and it sounds like he might have resolved it but I couldn't be certain. It sounds like he got text to work but I doubt he could trigger it to the gameday which is really what I need.
http://heroescommunity.com/viewthread.php3?TID=41759&pagenumber=4 Linking the other forum for what it' worth. I didn't post over there.

12-17-2015, 02:24 PM
If you still need this I can make an empty map to show you how it can be done.