View Full Version : Orbital watch: where the heck are you guys gone ?

11-07-2015, 01:15 AM
Okay, i was playing my campaign some days ago, fighting those god damn terrorists, and then, after an attack of 3 poor drones that couldn't do **** to me, orbital watch was nowhere to see on the campaign again, ubisoft what's the point of presenting us a big evil guy if he vanishes of the campaign after 20 missions ? WHERE IS HE GONE ? he's supposed to have a lot of **** on the moon and yet nothing happened there, he's just too lazy i guess, oh and for the love of GOD, can you PLEASE tell me WHY the ship upgrades to fight them are so costy when you use them a small amount of times (cause let's be honest, the onl thing you really need for that is fuel and powerups ...)