View Full Version : Stelar Game Thank you!

11-06-2015, 06:07 PM
Wow, honestly I am blatantly disgusted sto see the bunch of whiners exist in the anno community. I played every anno since 1701 and this one, seriously, Amazing Game, did you even played 20 hours to say it's to easy or it's not anno??

It is so strange because everyone whine about what have change when in fact everything is still there and untoutch

First play the whole game and dare to not put a very high mark !

I played 7h each days for the last 5 days, I finished the main mission in 15 hours, after that still plenny to do and discover for 15 others hours.

-No Anno has no ending and you can achieve almost everything under 40 hours for each anno and on that you have 30% time you wait for something to ''grow''.

-in Anno 2070 and 1404 you would unlock different access of the map, in this one it is EXACTLY the same thing, and trade route there is a ton of it.

-In this anno , they blended the story in the long play the same way it was in 2070. You would have certains things to do to get your tech and other technologies.

- Let me get a point on the battle, I never liked the battle in any Anno it is the weakest point - I hated all the battle missions in 2070 and hated to see my city blown off. Consider this, there is no battle in Anno 2205. The battle there is in that game is a fun distraction from fetch quest. It is parts of the little quests that are in all anno. The war has not been DUMB down, they remove it entirely for the better.

-There is no more NPC, I always was use to see them unfolding but, they are absent now and I don't feel the difference.

-the fun factor is absolutely there, the world is at last as goergous and rich as was 1404 to me. You see such good and beautiful world you want to stay in and observe and care.

-there is a bunch of very good improvements that you will instantly appreciate.

-The maps are Huge, and it is really the hugest Anno game, I will miss some random maps, for the replay value.

-Multiplayer, Its funny, Anno is my favourite serie, and many of my friend with wich we play, we began a couple anno multiplayer game and we never finish, because it's too long and it's very dfficult to get our schedule right. Multi-player who really can say they have played seriously in multiplayer?

BlueByte has gotten you the best serie ever, the most addictive and fun game you can imagine. And now you treat it like they are absolute strangers. These people have worked for three years for you. The least you can do is buy it and honor it like a true anno fan.

It is a great game and bluebyte they never were known to "not" listen to it's fan base - so this game, can get even better - they sure will have my money !

-Is there a sense of wonder and absolute thrill of growing your empire? Yes
They nailed the thematic and the music is awesome.

-Now that I played 35 hours, I'm hungry for more... like in every Anno game. we are all anno addicted, that is why we never thirst.