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11-05-2015, 09:44 PM
Comparing older games next to Syndicate and determine what went right, and what went wrong.

11-05-2015, 10:18 PM
Ok, go on then ... :)

11-05-2015, 10:24 PM

- The mechanics of the game work well. Scaling down buildings is much easier,aswell as the climbing speed not being to ridiculously fast or tediously slow.

- The new zipwire it a great way to get around quickly and gives another option to running around or constantly having to get a chariot.

- Characters in Syndicate are the best I've seen In a long time! Brotherhood was really the last game where all the characters interested me, with the three exeptions of Achilles and Charles Lee from AC3 and Kidd from AC4. Apart from that the characters in the previous games didn't seem as personal enemies to the Assassin or just went interesting in general. Maxwell Roth really brought it all back and what little was shown of Starrick was interesting.

- The game seems to be "almost" full functioning. After the first sticky mess of Unity, Ubisoft really pulled it round with making the game work with next to no glitches, bugs or crashing. With he few exceptions of one or two trophy and achievements needing to be ironed out and the first day of a few invisible characters in the cinematic that were sorted immediately. If feels like the first full completed game I have played in a while. (Thumbs up Ubisoft)

-Location. Britain. Who would complain? Beautiful architecture and makes a versatile battleground to play on. I understand the majority of the world is waiting for a Japanese or Chinese theme but honestly, I don't see that happening as nice an idea as it would be to play as a Samurai or Ninja, the Templar Order follow the Christian religion which Eastern Asia wasn't enlightened to until way past then aswell as the landscape being difficult to have a fun time in with low buildings and very wide gaps. AC brand thrives on compact building structured to play on.
In a nutshell, London was a great city to pick.


- Customisation in the characters could have been better. Little disappointed in collecting all those Secrets of London for an armour only for one character with a really annoying glitchy shimmer thing on. Who cares you get to change Jacobs belt, you can barley see it. All of Evies dresses were victorian in style but I was ranking up much faster than getitng all the money or crafting supply to have the same cape, gauntlet and weapons for all the levels. After taking Multiplayer away where you get your own custom assassin the story of this didn't really replace that factor.

- No Multiplayer felt like a bad move. The game feels equal in content to all the previous games and I appreciate Ubisoft put lots more effort into Character development and a large map. But if you look back to AC3, Boston, New york and the frontier felt substantially huge maps to explore with some great character design, graphics were superb for its time, kept its Multiplayer mode AND made a whole new movement mechanic with the free running flowing way better. There is only so many hours of things you can do altho it is a lot its still restricted compared with the Unlimited amount of enjoyment from the Multiplayer aspect (And i don't mean Unitys coop). I felt Ubisoft didnt really have an excuse not to include it but hopefully they will bring it back next year with tones of customisation for everyone.

11-05-2015, 10:38 PM
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