View Full Version : Trade Route View - Detail/feature missing? Practical suggestion

11-05-2015, 06:09 PM
Don't know if this is a bug or just a missing detail.

When leaving a sector, I'm not able to see the traderoutes going between the sector I'm currently playing and the world market.
For example, if I need a certain type of goods to complete a mission within a sector, I go to strategic view and create a traderoute from worldmarket to that sector, enter the sector, complete the mission, then when I go out to the strategic view again I can't see the route I just made so I can't edit or delete it. I have to preload a different sector to be able to see the routes on the current active sector. If I click on the active sector I just enter it instead of getting the traderoute links overview. If I click on the worldmarket it just starts the creation of a new traderoute instead of showing me the currently active routes between the world market and the active sector.

If it's intended, may I suggest the following:

Adding 2 mini-icons attached to the sector icons. 1 -> Enter Sector. 2 -> View Trade Routes. This way one can edit any traderoute linked to the active sector without having to preload a different sector. This is especially annoying right now as the game tends to crash when preloading sectors. Would be practical if you could add this to the worldmarket icon as well. in fact, adding this only to the worldmarket icon would alone solve most of it.

Oh, and thanks for a beautiful game. You've made a great platform for good things come :)

11-05-2015, 06:13 PM
Right, so I just realized like 30 seconds later that if you click anywhere but a sector icon, u get an overview showing ALL traderoutes between all sectors + market :rolleyes: Oh well, maybe there are others as stupid as me who can be helped with this.