View Full Version : Two cents (and no cents...or is it sense?)

11-03-2015, 06:40 AM
I share this in hope of a better tomorrow:

My wife and I have played ANNO games in multiplayer (with our friends and family members) more than any other games we play...and we play alot of games (I know...I've got it great with a wife that games with me.)

I have over 400 hours in ANNO 2070...and only because I pace myself and enjoy all types of games and gameplay. ANNO has always been that game that I used to take a break from the FPS, RTS, RPG, MMORPG, Simulation, etc. etc.

Lack of LAN based or internet Co-Op Multi-play is a game killer for us. We were hoping for a game where she has her island and I have mine, we build and grow, we could set up trade routes with each other, and then we could work together to overcome another player or AI player via war, diplomacy, or via the economy.

I just felt I should put our two cents in (and our friends and families cents) and explain why we won't be putting $60-$80 dollars per player into your hands. We would have spent the money in a heartbeat. I alone would have done the Collectors Edition for us all. We enjoyed the challenge and complexity of ANNO games (we own them all but this one...loving Dawn and 2070 the most) but from the reviews, it sounds like complexity and challenges are gone along with any replay value they promoted.

I'm not sure what led to the decisions made for this game but I do know that the community was giving you a heads up very early into development about what they expected. It just doesn't equal a great pay-day to make the game you want as developers (or what some board wants in the way of low cost development) and ignore what your paying customer wants.

Dev Rule #1 in a game series should be "Never ever take away from the player working features...only add and grow."