View Full Version : What I know happened with the AAA donations. By MrJolly

11-02-2015, 05:28 PM
I am also known as MrJolly & was the AAA (allaircraftarcade.com) website owner throughout it's duration until 2010.

I going to say this & i will not be responding to any replies if there are any for obvious reasons.
I may post further evidence at a later date.

The question is "What happened to the AAA donations"

The donations & Google ad income all went into the running of the AAA website, the AAA gaming server & the development of the 3D tools IL-2 modders still today.

The AAA Website alone was a struggle, there were times we had to pay money ourselves, at these time we would put a message up for help.
The AAA Website ran on a dedicated server & hosted all it's own downloads.
The 'AAA' IL-2 online gaming server was also difficult to keep running.
The 3DS max tools created to import & export models into IL-2 were not done for free, this is also where some of donations went to.

Without the donations & Google ad income the AAA website, online gaming server would not have survived. The 3D tools would not have been made &

most likely because of this TD would not have formed & continue to create patches.

It makes me sad to see & hear the slander about what may have happened with the donations from unreliable sources.
The reality is i didn't make a penny, worked very hard & in the end it went from being an enjoyable experience into a nightmare, at this point i closed it all down.

Thanks again to everyone involved who made IL-2 better.