View Full Version : Uplay PC Client - October Release Update (Bug Fixes)

10-30-2015, 05:06 PM
Hello Folks,

We’ve got a followup update to our recent October Release (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1301942-Uplay-PC-Client-October-Release) here for you today. In it you'll find a series bug fixes that should smooth things out for a few of you and we'll try to list all of the the ones that effect you the player. (Some fixes are for other dev teams and we won't bore you with the details)

Fixes include:

Fixed an issue that would cause the download progress in taskbar buttons to display incorrectly.
Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented avatars from showing in the overlay
Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when closing the client while a download is in progress
Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when clicking “Continue” multiple times during a cloud save conflict
Fixed an issue that prevented Rewards from refreshing in the overlay if you completed an Action in certain games. Causing them to appear unavailable even though you had enough Units to unlock them
Fixed a timeout issue when restarting certain games to avoid auto patching loops
The “Play” button will now be correctly refreshed when going from one game page to another
Fixed an issue that prevented some users from launching “OlliOlli 2”
The Actions for a specific game should now properly refresh after all Rewards have been claimed
Friends should no longer appear as online if they logged out while using the “Do not Disturb” status
Fixed an issue that caused certain UI elements to overlap badges on a user’s club profile page
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the “Decline” button to appear partially cut off after receiving a friend request
Removed “Locate Game Folder” option in Offline Mode. File verification requires online access to function correctly (Offline play is still available after successful verification)
Added a close button to the Shop in the overlay
Install progress is now shown in the taskbar button (Same as download progress)
A number of improvements have been made to improve the speed of Ubisoft Club data retrieval and display
Additional minor bug fixes
Additional UI/layout fixes
Additional speed/performance improvements

Known Issues
We're aware of an issue that sometimes prevents users from using the Shop in the overlay when accessing it via in-game Shop links or buttons. We're already working on resolving this and it should be fixed in our next release.

That’s it for now folks but if you spot any other issues in the Uplay client, go ahead and let us know about them.

The Uplay Team