View Full Version : Punk buster,Please stream live

10-30-2015, 03:29 AM
Hi, this game really looks amazing, ive been a fan of tom clancys games since rainbow 6 came out, I hope you gents are going to have ppbans set up like bf3 and bf4, streaming live with hackers being booted like it should, i bought 3 grfs games for my family and the reason we stop playing in late 2013 was it was the overwheming number of hackers that infiltrated the game, at the age of 61 it get a little depressing playing with hackers you know that you cant compete against , have been playing grfs again for the past 2 weeks,THE HACKING IS OUT OF CONTROL, , the russian hacks are really bad, 1 guy had a k/d 9.12 really , how grfs didnt get as big as bf3 ill never understand the game fluids are 80% better the bf3 , , please guys have pbbans set up like bf3 ,as we can report right to them , no disrespect to you gents but u guys seem a little laid back when it comes to hackers,ive myself reported hackers that i know are hacks, who threw 30 frags at 1 time and put down 15 machine gun turrets and guess what he still playing, with 145,000 kills and 24,000 deaths ok,