View Full Version : Just to get it off my chest!

Rafe Harwood
10-29-2015, 05:29 PM
So, I have played the entire game up to the point where you do the last memory in the last sequence. All the side stuff, and miscellany (almost).

Actually, to tell the truth, I achieved all that yesterday and have been playing (I use that in a very broad sense of the term), for hours after getting to that point yesterday and so far today. And I mean like at least 12 hrs.

Before I go and do that last piece (which then unlocks the last-last piece if you get my drift), I wanted to clear the last two, yes, that's two as in one less than three! Helix Glitches that I have been wandering around looking for since yesterday *sighs*

I have one left in Westminster and one in the City of London and I swear someone is trying to pull a fast one!

Sorry guys. A bit of a rant, but it is stressing me out lol. Anyone else in similar position? :D