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10-28-2015, 11:41 PM
Hello Fellow Gamers,
My name is WOR. The meaning is the same as its alternate spelling, War, but comprised of three letters taken out of the first name of three different men in my life. Watson (W) is a great psychologist whom focused on human nature at its basic. Odin (O), a God, known for his strategy in war. Rivero (R), a professor at an University that studied psychology and philosophy. I have taken their views on life and molded it into something new.

But that is enough about me. Let us get to why I am here today. To sum it up, a clan that has been destroyed will rise up again March 6th. The name of this clan is Focal Point.
In 2008, the Hero Clan was formed in the Call of Duty franchise. I was recruited for my stealth and strategies, but I was far from a leader. The leader took me in and helped shape me into a strategist. Someone who could be a leader if the time came. Little did I know that moment would come.

The leader of the Heroes disappeared. He had a life outside of his clan which stole most of his time. With him gone, I had no other choice but to step up. Luckily, our third in command was a great player, with outstanding accuracy and precision. This player, SYCO_2008, would later become the king of Call of Duty.
I saw his potential and granted him leadership, before plummeting into the void of being a solo player. Years later, SYCO became the leader of the Half Hearted Heroes.
I've faced them many times. They saw my skills and asked for my help, but I couldn't go back. My loyalty was not to the clan, but to my leader. He had left, so there was no home for me.

Until now.

I have found a clan. A clan who has taken me in to be its leader. The failures of my last attempt still haunts me, but with these new players I feel like I'm at home.
Focal Point (FP) has made me apart of their family. It was small at first. I liked it that way. Being a lone wolf for so long had robbed me of my social skills to take care of a group. Now, I want to expand.

Focal Point needs a larger family. With games like Division and Uncharted coming out, we will need new people. New people who wants a place they can feel comfortable.
Is that you?

Do you want a group of players who focus on life instead of kills? A team that puts you first and a new weapon second? People who want to win together?
If this sounds like you, please let me know. We are a PSN clan. If you are interested, send me a request on PSN. If you have any questions, post on here or send me a message.

PSN: WOR_Hunter

Understand Orders
Be able to adjust to any situation
Have a flexible schedule
No arguing or fighting amongst one another
Stay focused

10-31-2015, 07:41 AM
Hi I'm rezin looking for a group I like to kill and work together