View Full Version : Add Ghost Recon Phantoms on "your Collection" in ubi site

10-26-2015, 06:28 PM
Hello Ubi,

I play ghost recon phantoms more than 3 years and i already spend a lot of money on that game and i dont understand why the game is not aggregate to my ubi account. There is no information that a play the game, whatsoever. So i dont get any rewards or points because simply the game isn't list in my ubi page. Should be there because you pay to play the game and so it doesn't make any sense and is not fair to not have the same opportunities that others players have with the other games they bought. Can you considered put ghost on " your collection" as any other game of ubisoft? Thank you

p.s. an example of what i'm saying: i play ghost recon since beta and i contínuos to play and i didn't get the badge for that, in "your collection" page as it's saying there, simply because ghost recon is not there.