View Full Version : My AMD Fix for AC Unity Stuttering - My Experience

10-26-2015, 11:02 AM
hey guys

i know i am very late with this since syndicate is due out soon and AC Unity has been through the ringer. but i recently got the game and experience some issue's and i managed to fix the stuttering that i was having major issue's with

P.S - i know my post may not appeal to most people who already found fix's and have better setups and run fine. i just did this incase my experience might just help somebody has issues with ACU and similiar hardware as mine

So here's My PC Spec's and Experience

PC Specs
AMD FX 8320 Stock
8GB G.Skill Ripjaw-X 1333Mhz DDR3
Gigabyte AMD R9 270 OC Edition
240GB SSD 850 Evo - ( i have a 1TB Drive, but i keep ACU on the SSD )
Windows 8.1 64Bit
GPU Driver 15.7 AMD

So. my experience

After installing ACU, i decided to go with Medium settings. and at first it ran fine. but after a while i started recieving the odd Freezing and Stuttering for micro seconds and sometimes 2-3 Seconds. along with input lag

After researching, i found that this was happening to more people than just me. especially with AMD Hardware, and i thought it was so strange that some settings/fix's worked for some people, and not for other's

So i decided try going offline, This did help a little bit and the stuttering became a little less appearant, But i still had the odd Stutter

So i saw that for alot of people. changing 3D Settings on nvidia control panel worked absolute wonders for the game, so i thought id try to mimic these changes in the AMD Control panel

So in AMD i made a seperate Profile for ACU.exe

and i set the following - im only listing the settings i changed, everything else is default

AA Mode - Override
AA Samples - 2x EQ
AF Mode - Override
AF Filtering - 4x
Vertical Sync - On Unless specified Otherwise
Triple Buffer - On

This was all i changed in the AMD Control panel, now i changed some ingame settings

environment - High
Textures - High
Shadows - High
Bloom - Off
AA - Off
Ambient - Off

Low and Behold. with AMD Controlling most of the extra options such as AA, Tesselation, Bloom and all the fancy effects. the game ran with not even the slightest stutter. this got rid of stuttering all together. the game runs at a solid frame rate and its amazingly smooth with uplay online

And frankly. ive had the game at high settings. and with my AMD Control panel settings. i see almost no difference in the looks, it looks exactly the same as if i had all the options enabled ingame

AMD controlling AA and AF, etc i feel got rid of my issues